Why Glue Traps Are Inhumane

Glue traps, commonly referred to as glue boards, are traps that are commonly used against rodents that come with super sticky adhesive. A lot of people will use this as an alternative to snap trap that may injure the pets and kids. The animals that will step on the glue board will be instantly attached on the board that will cause a slow and excruciating death due to suffocation or starvation.

Glue Traps: Inhumane Method to Control the Saint Petersburg Rodent Infestation
Glue traps can easily be availed on your local department store and other major sellers. It may appear like an easy and safe solution against rodent infestation. In reality, they are one of the cruelest methods against the tiny creatures. They can cause an unimaginable amount of suffering.

Glue traps have been commonly used to thwart the rodent infestation. Unfortunately, they are often ineffective. The real solution on stopping the Florida rodent activity and controlling their population is treating the source and the cause. Rodents are prolific breeders. You will not reduce their population with the use of glue boards.

The manufacturers of this item will never claim that their product will deliver a swift and painless death. They will usually suggest throwing the glue traps in the garbage bin together with the stuck Saint Petersburg rodent. This means that the poor creature will continuously suffer and will die from starvation, dehydration or suffocation in about 5 days. While the creature is trapped on the surface of the glue board, they will often produce a piercing cry. They will bite and cut their limbs in attempt to escape their predicament. Even on the off chance that the animal has been rescued they will still suffer from injury, stress, and trauma.

Hazards of Using Glue Traps
A lot of manufacturer will claim that their product is safe. However, it comes with a variety of concerns that is not written on the label. There are instances when the animal will be beaten to death while they are stuck in the glue trap. Once they have been stuck in the glue trap, it is just impossible to find a way to humanely end their life. There is also the possibility that you will be bitten while interacting with the animal on the glue board.

Glue boards also pose a threat to our pets and non-targeted animals. In case the board is too small, the animal can easily pull it off but there is still a probability that they will lose their fur or skin. The small animals like reptiles, amphibians, birds will not be able to escape the adhesive. The large glue trap can capture our common household pets. Usually, the cats trapped on the glue board will require surgery.

Most countries such as New Zealand and Australia have banned the utilization of the glue traps. Unfortunately, US has no existing regulation with regards to the use of the glue board. Retailers and the manufacturers will not provide the necessary information that will notify the purchasers about the concerns related with this product.

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