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We are Saint Petersburg Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Saint Petersburg, Fl. If you are looking for a local and friendly animal control company, then look no further! We are a well-established family company that has been operating in the city for over a decade, and our team are always on hand to answer any queries and to offer advice on your particular situation. They can also give you an idea of the cost for dealing with a particular situation, and can also arrange for an animal removal technician to visit your property. They can then give you a more detailed written estimate, and will always try to offer a competitive quote without compromising on the quality of the service. Our first step when dealing with animals in a domestic property is to carry out our 32-point inspection. This will allow our technicians to find all of the potential entry points that they animals are using to access your property, and this will often involve inspecting areas around the walls and roof-line. We deal with all mammals and reptiles, and will try to use the most humane methods to dealing with your animal problems. Indeed, in many cases, such as with squirrels or bats, exclusion is not only the most humane option, but it is also more efficient when dealing with these species! Call us now at 727-755-0430 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Saint Petersburg Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do Possums Live in Trees

Most species of opossums are arboreal and spend most of their times in the trees. Their tails are known to be prehensile and they have sharp claws that allow them to have a good grip on the bark of the trees. Their tails play a key role in keeping their balance when climbing the trees. There are different reasons why the opossum will choose to climb trees that we will discuss in this article.

Reasons Why Saint Petersburg Opossums Climb Trees
Opossums love the taste of the persimmons. They will climb the trees if there are rewards waiting for them on top. They will also climb the trees to evade the threat of the predators. Most of the common predators that they will encounter in the wild are not adept climbers such as coyotes and wolf. Their incredible climbing skill can be used as an effective defense against the attack. Even on the off chance that the raptor will chase them, it will still be difficult for them to chase the animal. They can use the branches to hide their presence.

Do They Live on Trees?
The Saint Petersburg opossum will love to live in the trees since it provides them an easy access to foods. They will also feel safer when they establish their den in the trees. They will be using the hollows of the trees that is in the uppermost section. Nonetheless, they will still travel on ground when searching for food. They will also have to change their den for a couple of times.

As we mentioned above, the opossums are known for their outstanding climbing skill. Their tails will also support them when they need to transfer from trees to trees. The opossum will choose the location that is filled with branches. They will be active at dusk but since the owls will also be active at night, it will be dangerous for them to move in the ground. Apart from the trees, there are also different areas where they will build their den such as:

Underground- Compared to the other burrowing creatures, the Florida opossums will not be enthusiastic when digging their den. They will be occupying the abandoned burrows of the other animals. Perhaps this is because they will have to change the location of their burrows several times.

Residential Communities-Some opossums have successfully adapted on the urban settings. They can survive by eating the food scraps and leftovers on the garbage. They will be constructing their nest near the dwelling so the humans such as under the porch, shed or deck. They can also be found in the less-frequented areas such as in the attic, garage, and basement.

While the animal will climb the tree, they still prefer to live in the ground. This is since they can find most of the tasty treats on the ground. In case you are experiencing an infestation of this marsupial creature, you should call the help of a specialist especially if you already heard them creating noises. This is an indication that there are multiple opossums in your house.