Ways to Find and Remove the Dead Rodent

Some rodent control methods such as using poison can lead to the concealed dead bodies. You will only recognize them once the decaying stench permeates all over your house. When getting rid of the dead Saint Petersburg rodent, you will need to identify the location of the source and properly dispose it. Dead rodent can be found in the various areas of our house. Sometimes they can be found in the inaccessible spaces and retrieving the body can be a challenge.

Finding the Dead Rodent
If you have dealt with a dead rodent in the past, it will be difficult to forget their smell. The odor it releases is a mixture of various chemical reactions that are caused by the decomposing body. This may include methane and sulfur dioxide. The bigger animal will take time to decompose. For instance, the dead rat’s tissues will breakdown longer compared to the mice. Trust your nose when looking for the source of the odor. The scent will be stronger in the right location of the carcass.

In case looking for the source of the odor is difficult using your nose, there are signs that will help indicate the location of the dead body. There should be an increased presence of the insects such as beetles, maggots, flies, and ants. In case you noticed that the fly is landing on a specific section of your walls, this can be the possible location of the body. There are also instances that you will notice a stain that is caused by the body fluids that will be released by the dead body.

Removal of the Dead Saint Petersburg Rodent
When removing the dead body, you will need to protect yourself by wearing gloves to avoid touching the dead body with your bare hands. Remember that the rodents, regardless if they are dead or alive, can carry parasites and pathogens and you need to protect yourself from this. Sometimes, it would be best to leave the removal to the hand of the professionals. Place the rat inside the plastic bag and seal it. Place it into a separate plastic bag before tying the bag and disposing it. You may also place it inside the cardboard box and seal it with the use of packing tape.

Some cities will have a strict rule when disposing the dead body. You will not be allowed to bury them close to a water source. You might want to call the local wildlife service to be aware on the existing regulations with regards to the disposal of the dead body. You need to be considerate when disposing the dead body and make sure that it will not pose threat to the health of the community.

After disposing the dead body of the Florida rodent, you will need to make sure that it will not happen again. Seal all the holes in your house to keep them outside. Trim the low-lying branches of the tree that they may use as bridge when accessing our house. You need to have a good waste management to avoid attracting the interest of the nuisance animals.

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