Can Rodents Enter Through Plumbing

Most homeowners who experienced rodent infestation know how skillful rodents are when it comes to gnawing, climbing, jumping, and running. However, you are probably not aware about their amazing swimming ability. Municipalities all over the world, especially the residential communities where the sewer system needs to be updated will often be invaded by the Saint Petersburg rodents using their plumbing system. It is not uncommon for the plumbers to receive a request to remove a rodent that is swimming on the toilet or drain pipes.

How Mice Use the Plumbing System to Access Our House
In case your drainage pipes have not been appropriately sealed, the rodents can easily enter our home using the bathtub drains or the sink. Usually, this will happen in areas where the sewer lines have been broken or damaged. It may also occur after a heavy rain when the sewer system has been overwhelmed with a significant amount of water.

The rats can swim nonstop for at least 3 days and they can cover more than a kilometer in order to reach their goal. Once the rodent emerged out of our sink or toilet, it will likely be exhausted and will appear to be passive and non-aggressive. However, their appearance will not be a welcome sight to most homeowners.

What to Do with the Saint Petersburg Rodents in the Toilet
The toilet drainage can be a possible source of food for the rodent since foods will get flushed. The human feces contain undigested food that can attract the attention of the rodents. This behavior is referred to as coprophagy which is the reason behind their high survival rate on different setting particularly in the urban area. The variety on the food that they eat is the reason why they are so successful in adapting on different climates and terrains.

If you happen to come across a rodent swimming in your toilet, we discourage you from pouring a bleach on the toilet. This will make the animal suffer for 15 minutes. It would be better to call the professionals who can use a snare that will get rid of the animal. In order to avoid this from happening, there are different methods that you can use. For instance, you can introduce a sewer pipe made from clay or PVC with a width of at least 24 inches. You can then install a rodent baffle on your sewer line. To avoid attracting the attention of the rodent, be sure that your garbage can are tightly sealed. This will prevent the rodent from accumulating near the entrance of the sewer.

When there is a low supply of food, the rodents may act erratic. They can go through certain lengths just to get a hold of those food. Our plumbing and sewer system contain leftovers and food scraps that will serve as a magnet to these tiny creatures. If you want to keep them away, you must make sure that your plumbing system is in great condition. You should also properly sealed the access point that the Florida rodents can use to access our sewer system.

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